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Inchworm Robot

Using mechanical intelligence to create a tether less crawling robot inspired by an inchworm.

Using bio-inspired techniques to create compact and lightweight robots powered by artificial muscles.

This inchworm robot, weighing less than 10g, is able to crawl without any electronics or micro-controllers

Bistable Gripper

Powered by flexural design and artificial muscles, this gripper is used in clean-room applications where traditional pneumatic grippers are not feasible.

This gripper using bistable buckled beams is able to grip object indefinitely without any energy.

This patent pending approach has the advantage of being compact and lightweight due to the presence of artificial muscles powered by shape memory alloys (NiTiNOL).

Compliant Gripper

Using compliant mechanism and high work density artificial muscles, this gripper is a lightweight solution for drone-delivery grippers.

Using an algorithmically generated design, this structure is able to perform a complex 4-prong gripper motion on an object using a single 3D printed piece.

Weighing only 17g, this gripper is a prime alternative for grippers used in drone applications that require a lightweight solution.

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